2nd Manassas - Aug. 1862
Lt. Colonel Rufus R. Dawes

"Our march yesterday was terribly severe. The sun was like a furnace, and the dust thick and suffocating. Many a poor fellow marched his last day yesterday. Several men fell dead on the road. Our boys have all come through so far, accepting the hardships as a matter of course, and remaining cheerful and obedient I assure you I feel proud of them."

Lt. Colonel Rufus R. Dawes, Ten miles from Leesburg, VA. June 19, 1863

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"Captain Rufus R. Dawes of Company K, the Lemonweir Minute Men, was the twenty-two-year-old great-grandson of William Dawes, the Revolutionary War patriot who had sounded the alarm with Paul Revere on April 18, 1775."

Speaking about Rufus R Dawes of the Sixth Wisconsin of the Iron Brigade.
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