The Siege of Petersburg, Virginia: June 1864 to March 1865
The Battle of Five Forks - April 1 1865

Petersburg - Five Forks Battlefield

In April of 1865, General Phillip Sheridan, one of Grant's most trusted subordinates, led a force of cavalry and infantry against the Confederates guarding the far right of General Lee's line. Sheridan's aim was to take the crucial crossroads of Five Forks, break the southern forces holding it, and threaten the last railroad supplying the Confederate Army protecting Richmond from Grant's massive army. With the Union 5th Corp under Major General Gouverneur Kemble Warren, Sheridan pushed back the Virginians under Major General George E. Pickett. With the line held by the Army of Northern Virginia for just short of one year now severely threatened, General Lee ordered the evacuation of the Petersburg area and began a movement towards what they hoped would be a supply train further west. Their route instead would lead to what to some seemed inevitable, the surrender just 8 days later at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.

Confederate prisoners at Five Forks 1865